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Post by The Goddess on Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:23 pm

Below are a list of rules the apply all around the site. Rules are obviously not without consequences, and while an admin can administer any punishment they feel is just, the general punishment ladder will be, First offense: Warning, Second Offense: Gold fine, and a 2 week ban, Third Offensive: Permanent ban. Any attempts to Repeal need to be PMed to an Admin.


  • No discrimination will be accepted at all. This includes race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. Astoria is a safe and welcoming community to people of diverse backgrounds, and we seek to provide the best community for ANYONE involved.
  • DO NOT harass anyone, whether it be sexual or verbal, or any other way it does not matter. If you feel you are being harassed, please screenshot it, and contact an admin immediately.
  • No trolling, or flaming. If a mod or and admin feels you're trolling intentionally to be a nuisance it can constitute an immediate chat box ban for an extended period which will be decided at the time of the ban (could be indefinite), an immediate Site ban and/or gold fine. 
  • No Arguments. Now when this is said, it is not meant to mean "No Debates", Because friendly debates are welcome and encouraged, but if the debate gets to heating and degenerates into name calling, or one or both or all parties begin to get too heated about the debate it will be to asked to be seized and carried out either via pms or off-site.
  • No advertising at all outside of the area specifically designed for advertising. If done so, your advertisement will be deleted, and you will be warned. If an individual continues to advertise outside of the Advertising area it can constitute an I.P. ban.
  • No God modding, this refers to forcing other characters actions without their consent. This includes but is not limited to Auto-hitting, saying a character took an action they did not state in their post (forcing a character to do something). This also refers to your character being what's known as a mary sue, and being perfect at everything, and doing things beyond your character's capabilities.
  • Keep any Cursing mild. Cursing is fine in moderation, but if found to be used excessive you'll be held to the punishments as listed above.
  • Do not meta-game. Meta-gaming refers to using any information you know OOC, and using it IC when your character could not possibly know such things.
  • Do not use items or Magic in threads that you started before they were approved. So if you start a thread, and then train a spell or buy a sword you must wait until you begin a new thread to use it. The exception to this rule being an obvious one, if the item was bought in the thread, via a market purchase or if the Spell was trained in the thread, then they are viable to be used in said thread.
  • Please list at the very least, your Possessions, Magical index (if you have one), and your Character sheet in your signature.
  • At the end of any post you used a spell or a weapon effect, please post the things you used in a spoiler below the post.
  • Your Username MUST be your character's name, or at the very least a nickname your character goes by. If you need it changed, please post in the Admin requests.
  • Do not spam. This goes for the chat box and the general site well. just don't do it. (what constitutes as "Spam" is up to a given staff member discretion, if you feel you were punished unfairly, please contact an admin.)
  • Please wait at least five minutes before bugging a staff member that just entered chat box about modding or a member for a post. And please remember the follow: Is your request already in a request thread? Has it even been very long since you put it in the requests?
  • Do not argue with staff members. If you have an issue take the issue straight to an admin to be resolved.
  • Please keep and 18+ out of the Chat box. PM's are there for a reason. If things end up getting "heated" in a thread. Please Label the thread with an "18+" tag, and spoiler all of the adult content.

Note: these rules are subject to change at a moment's notice, and if the staff as a collective decide that you've broken a rule, even if it wasn't listed you shall be subjected to punishment, and the rule will be added to the list as soon as possible.
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