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Post by The Goddess on Sat Jun 04, 2016 1:28 am

Here on Astoria we've taken a different approach to power and leveling and stats. Each player starts at base power level (PL) 5. with 10 points into each of the current stats. The stats being.

Speed - The measure of how faster your character moves.
Strength- The measure of how strong your character is.
Mysticism - How much magical energy a person has, and how well their magical attacks work
Arcana - Decreases the cost of Spells, and allows more spell slots.
Perception - How well your your character can perceive things.

Physique - and how long someone can last in a fight, and how well you can take damage. an average of your speed and strength rounded down.
Reaction time - is the final stat, though it is not one you have to put points into and is actually the average between your Perception and Speed rounded down.

Power Level is basically the equivalent to level in an RPG, and those of equal or similar power level should relatively be an even match, although with build differential outcomes will definitely vary. A Player can gain power levels simply by Roleplaying! This is down via turning in word count to level up. The amount of work count required to level up depends on what level you are. The formula for this is, 'your current level * 250 words'. Like any other form of training, these words can't be being used for anything else. (I.E. can't be the same words you used to complete a quest or train a spell.) Now once you get a level you get five points to assign into any stat you chose! So at level six you could have 11 in all of your stats, or have 10 in all of your stats and 15 in your strength, it's entirely up to you! Please remember to inform where you will be allocating your points when you go to turn in level ups.
for now the PL cap is 50 while we beta-test the system

Now. what do all of these points mean. Well they are generally used as a way to measure your character and how they perform in combat interactions as well as just general.  Stats compare to each other via tier lists, but we will get to that later. first we will get to how well each point into a stats effects your Character.

For every 2 points you put into speed your character can move 1m/s faster as a sprint.

For every 2 points in strength your character can lift five more pounds than before, base lifting is 100, so when you start out your character can lift 125 pounds.

For every 1 point into mysticism you your mana increases by 10 (this only takes effect after the starting value of 10) Note: every PL after 5 also increases your mana pool by 5.

For every 10 points into Arcana your spells cost 5 less mana (this only takes effect after the starting value of 10), and you gain 1 additional spell slot.

For every 2 points into perception your 3 senses (Smell, Sound, and Sight)  increase by 1 meter meaning that while a normal person can see perfectly at 6 meters, if you have 12 perception you can see perfectly at 7 meters.

For every 2 points into Physique you can maintain full sprint for 15 seconds longer.

How do these stats interact with each other? First we need to make tier lists
0-20 -> 21-40 -> 41 - 70 -> 71 - 100 -> 101 - 140 -> 141 - 180 -> 181 - 230 -> 231 - 280.
more will be added after we get out of beta.

While directly comparing each stat directly with it's one stat, if you have a three tier advantage on a player, you completely outclass them in that stat, if you have a two tier advantage it will be incredibly difficult to evenly go toe to toe with, but not impossible. With a 1 tier difference it is difficult to keep up with and go toe to toe with, but far from impossible, and can easily be countered by having a better strategy. if you are of the same tier you are relatively similar.

When comparing Speed to reaction time, It works relatively the same, if you are three tiers behind someone's speed with your reaction time, you simply cannot keep up with their movements. If you are two tiers, it is extremely difficult and you aren't going to catch most things they do, but bigger movements you can pick up. one tier behind you can't pick up anything subtle that they do, but for the most part you can keep track of them. Even, you are on par with them, you can keep relative track of them as long as it's not something you normally wouldn't be able to pick up, like a sucker punch or something. when you are one tier ahead of their speed, you track their bigger movements with relative ease, and they are going to have to be more sneaky and subtle to land serious blows. two tiers ahead, any bigger movements they do simply can't hit you, and they should find subtle movements hard to land as well. Three tiers above, they simply cannot hit you, you can track their every movement like reading a piece of paper, and any hit they land on you is going to have to be a surprise.

Mysticism Spell clashing: When you are one tier above someone in mysticism, your spell gains push through, meaning when spells of equal rank clash, your's wins. When you are two tiers above someone in mysticism, Your spells of one rank lower than someone's spell will clash as though they are equals and cancel each other out. If you are three tiers above someone in mysticism, your spells of one rank lower gain push through.

Size Classes and how they interact with stats.
There are 5 Size classes
Tiny: The smallest size class, ranges from 2' and down
Small: the second smallest class, ranges from 2'1 to 4'9
Average: the middle ground of the size classes. Ranges from 4'10 to 7'0
Large: the second largest of the size class. Ranges from 7'1 to 14'11
Giant: the Largest height. Ranges from 15' and up.

Height is measured by how tall a creature is if it was standing on it's hind legs and straight up.
Depending on your size class effects your Physical stats, this is calculated After your points.

Tiny: 2*your current Speed | Your current Strength/2
Small: 1.5*your current Speed | Your current Strength/1.5
Average: Nothing changes.
Large: 1.5*your current Strength | Your current Speed/1.5
Giant: 2*your current Strength | Your current Speed/2
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