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Post by The Goddess on Tue Aug 02, 2016 11:37 pm

Every character has natural talents and things they have worked had to be good at. In Astoria we call these things specializations which generally refers to ones ability to prefer a certain task or set of tasks.

Specializations are measured in 6 different ranks.

Rank 0:
Requirements: 0 points total.
This rank is the base rank that every one has for every single specialization. and as such don't need to be listed in one's character sheet. This is considered the general average person's knowledge about something with which they've never really tried.

Rank 1:
Requirements: 1 point total.
At this rank you've picked up your craft, and you've used it a bit. You know your way around it more the an average person but certainly nothing compared to the pro's

Rank 2:
Requirements: 2 points total.
At this rank, you've practiced your craft well, and picked up a few nifty tricks here or there you almost certainly know more than your average joe, but your probably couldn't quite make a profession out of it yet. a bit more practice and you'll get there.

Rank 3:
Requirements: 5 points total.
At rank three for your specialization you've practiced your craft quite a bit, and you've grown comfortable enough with it that you may be able to make a living off of it if you so choose. This is where most people stop attempting to get better at a craft.

Rank 4:
Requirements: 15 points total.
You've practiced your craft for probably a considerable amount of time and actually quite good at it. you most certainly know more than most people you run a crossed when it comes to this specific specialization and have picked up several nifty little tricks. that not only give you an edge but help you and others grow. This is where most teachers of a trade or specialization reside, and this rank is required at least before teaching a specialization to someone else.

Rank 5:
Requirements: 30 points total. + Grand Mastery Quest
At this rank this specialization is second nature to you. You are well versed in it and know almost all the ins and outs, and very few people can best you when it comes to this Specialization, and come generally teach anyone professing to be an expert in the subject a thing or two. People that are this skilled at specific trade a few and far between.

Specialization Points are what are used to take people from one rank to the next, and can be earned via training, quests, or at events.

Specialization points take 2000 words to train, and cost 20 gold per point, although if learning from another player the cost is free.

Ranking Rank 5 in a specialization is to Grand-Master it. And as such requires the most points but also a Grand-Master quest. This is a quest of your own design over the course of a thread or several threads that lasts at least 10k words, and 400 gold and has you achieving something in relation to your specialization )I.E. for swordsmanship it might be something like slaying a powerful dragon, or for merchanting maybe it's buying and selling an entire town for profit. It's simply a quest of grandeur that marks your mastery of a specialization.

So sure, this all sounding fun and cool, but you may be asking. "Well, how many specializations can i have?" and the answer to your question is As many as you'd like! as long as you are willing to put in the effort to train each one up you can get as many as you like up to rank 4.  That's right rank 4. You can't become a grand-master of everything. You can only have a maximum of 2 Grand-Masteries.

List of Current Specializations Available!
Magical Mastery - Effects the levels of spells one can utilize see Here, Need rank 1 utilize spell books, and rank 3 to utilize the enchantment on any of the spell books. (MUST pick a primary and two secondary schools of magic, and can only have those types)
Weapon Mastery - Roughly effects how well one uses a a specific type of weapon (must pick 1 type). Needs at least 1 rank into in order to any weapon at all, and rank 3 allows for use of item's magical abilities. all other weapons operate at half the user's rank rounded up. May retake the specialization in order to get other weapons types higher. For list of weapon types see Here.
Merchanting - Earn more gold! See Here
Musical Instrument - (pick one! all others can be played at half your rank rounded up)  How well can you play instruments. Need at least 1 point in order to use Magical Music, and Rank 3 to use any enchantments on Equipment
Heavy Armour Mastery -  directly correlates with how adversely heavy Armour effects you. See Here.
Armour Smith: - allows you to make higher and higher grade armour, as well with specific enchantments at a reduced cost, and even sell to players.
Weapon Smith: - allows you to make higher and higher grade weapons, at a reduced costs, and even sell to other players for a profit.

note: if you wish to add more specializations to this list, PM a staff member or an admin, and well see about getting your specialization on here.
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