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Post by Navera on Sat Oct 08, 2016 5:15 pm

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Name: Nekomi
Sub-race?: N/A
Body-Type: Humanoid - Beast
General Alignment: Lawful Good
Average Size: Average
Base Mana: 600
General Appearance: The Nekomi are cats with a vast amount of mana who are able to transform from animal, into a humanoid form whilst retaining their ears and tails, though some are more beast like than human. They come in various breeds and colors, with special markings indicating their tribe.

Humanoid Form:
Average Height: M - 5’6 ~ 5’10. F - 5’1 ~ 5’6
Average Weight: M - 120 ~ 158lbs. F - 100 ~ 145lbs
Average Tail Length: 24 ~ 48in for both genders


  • Stat Changes - +5 Mysticism, Arcana, and Perception. -5 Speed, Strength, and Physique

  • Advantages - Nekomi generally retain their feline abilities in human form such as night Vision, always land on their feet when thrown, so long as their tail is not bound broken or severed, acute sense of smell of anything within sprinting distance. They are also very mystical creatures, far in tune with spirits and nature thus have the ability of having to start with Illusion Magic: Rank 2: 2 points and have a -20% word count decrease when learning and training illusion magic.

  • Weaknesses - Nekomi still have the natural fears of their feline selves even in humanoid form such as water attacks increase one rank in damage, sound magic increases in one rank as well and it takes +20% word count increase to learn and training weapon mastery.

History: The Nekomi race is one of the oldest of the mystical woodland creature races, dating back since the second age. Cats around the land of Astoria have always been more susceptible to magic, often being the familiars of various witches, warlocks, and sorcerers. They were known to be quite mischievous, if not intelligent seeing as they manage to trick other creatures into their traps. Their sensitivity to magic and vast curiosity alluded them to manipulate the forces of magic and now they are known to be some of the best magic users in the Yunari Kingdom.


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