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Post by Ssendom on Sat Oct 15, 2016 2:29 am

Sanguinum 11733_dota2_ls_bs
Name: Sanguinum
Sub-race?: N/A
Body-Type: Humanoid
General Allignment: Neutral Evil
Average Size: Average

Base Mana: 160

General Appearance: Sanguinum are very distinctive, all of them are hunched forward with rather well built bodies due to them living in the depths of the Wilds. Their Legs are also reminiscent of true beasts. A lot of Sanguinum tend to be also very much tattoo'd. ALL Sanguinum wear hoods, these hoods have a multiude of adornments that tend to speak of the type of personality the Sanguinum has.

Average Height: M - 5’11 ~ 6’6. F - 5’9 ~ 6'3
Average Weight: M - 210 ~ 235lbs. F - 195 ~ 215lbs


   Stat Changes - +5 to Mysticism and Speed. -5 to Arcana, Reaction Time, and Perception.

   Advantages - Due to the Blood God and Goddess, when a the hint of blood is in the air (Within a distance of Perception*4 in meters) from a living being Sanguinum get a surge in strength. +5 to Speed, Strength, and Physique for until the target is no longer alive or is outside the maximum distance limit (This does not stack with number of people it is a static bonus).

   Weaknesses - The Sanguinum are a rather well known clan of humanoids. Due to their sacrifical rites and usual tendencies for violence and blood, they are highly unaccepted in most societies. When someone is bleeding in their maximum distance is, they tend to attack said target for their blood thirst.

  Magical Restriction - Sanguinum cannot learn Elemental magic, all magic they utilized must derive from blood.

History: The Sanguinum have been a rather smallish tribe in the south-west Wilds near the Wyvern Crest Island. They have thrived on the creatures of Wilderness due to the blessings they were given by the Blood God and Goddess, Yzaldir and Zyacis. One sacrifice that the Sanguinum must give, is the eyes of the Infants for their gifts. Due to Blood Scent, they naturally feel everything around them as though they have perfect blind-sight within 2 meters.



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