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Item Guidelines [W.I.P] Empty Item Guidelines [W.I.P]

Post by The Goddess on Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:44 pm

Weapons, Armour, Horses, Arrows, Shields, Magical Scrolls, and Spells. All of these things and many more physical possessions are so important to role playing the world in which your character lives in. Which is why this thread exists. To Inform you of the rules and guidelines surrounding items, and how they work.

Item Template

First and foremost is the template used with which to create items. After that we can get into what each section means

(Image of item here)

Name: (Fairly Simple, what's the name of the item)
Creator: (Who created the item. Only relevant if this was created by a Custom NPC that should be noted, or another player.)
Rarity: (What is the Rarity of the item)
Requirements: (what are the requirements to use this item? does it take a specific specialization, or maybe a certain strength stat?)
Attributes: (Simple. How much damage does the item do, and how effect does it protect you from things.)
Abilities: (What special/Magical abilities does the item possess, the item should probably be Rare or higher before this section has anything in it)
Appearance: (briefly describe the item's appearance. This should include it's measurements.)
History: (Give a brief description of the item of how the item was made. If this item was forged in a thread, link the thread here)

Note, if this is a free item, either from character creation or an event reward, or an item drop. Please link the thread in which you receive this reward.
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